4 Top Strategies of Teen Patti and Quick Facts to Win

Game has been a contest, since time immemorial and is played with rules to ascertain a winner. Teen Patti has been an amazing game of amusement or pastime and is a game of chance. Players place a bet on this single play of sport.

Everybody wants to make money and big fortune, but not everyone has lady luck bestowing on them. Some may not even know the tricks to win big in this game. So, today in this edition we will talk about the tricks, tips and how to play 3 cards game.

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How the game of 3 cards is played?

  1. Play Blind: By playing blind Teen Patti you actually take the risk of guessing your own cards and other players. The bet is placed without seeing cards.
  2. Playing blind also helps you to keep low stakes in comparison to players who will place bet by seeing theirs cards. Seen players if feels they have weak hand, will automatically give up or likely to fold. The gut feel of the player playing blind can help win big. But, playing blind also helps you to reduce the risk of losing high stakes.
  3. Play Chaal: In this move of the game, which is different from roulette for fun the player playing can choose to see the cards at any time and place bet on their turn.One can place bet and increase it, if they think they have strong cards in their hand. They can also bluff the other players playing to pack or fold.
  4. Ask for Sideshow: A player who has seen his cards can always ask for a sideshow from the player who has placed the last bet.
  5. The only rule for sideshow is you cannot ask the last player to sideshow if they are playing blind. The other player will show their cards if you have called ask for sideshow.
  6. This should be only used as a move in the game, if you are highly confident that you have better cards then your opponent or the one who made the last bet.
  7. Pack / Fold: The pack or fold is when you completely end you hand for the round. This means the money you bet is forfeited.
  8. This move is made when one thinks that they cannot win the hand. By pack or fold it means you are actually saving your money from being lost in a hand, which you cannot win.

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Few Quick and Quirky Facts about Teen Patti:

  • Always bet small money as it will help you place stake for many hands; rather than losing all money in one hand
  • Always study the pattern of the game and calculate your opposition’s card
  • Never play in a table, where you’re playing with players who come from same group
  • The most important rule is never bet at first when you have good cards; and never fold first when you have not so good cards. There is always a chance to be too expressive or too frightened.

For more tips and tricks, we will keep on publishing our edition on Teen Patti or 3 Card game.

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