How to Avoid These 5 Unforgivable Rummy Mistakes

Thinking like a robot. Rushing. Lack of practice.

Those were just a few of the critical mistakes a player makes when they start to play Rummy or even a few years down the line. But these mistakes, even if rectified, come back to haunt us when we least expect it.

But there is no better teacher than experience. Through this blog, we can help you avoid them as you embark on your Online Rummy journey.

These are some of those unavoidable mistakes that most people make while playing Rummy online and why it is important to break away from the pattern.

  1. Treating every player the same: This is one of the most common mistakes someone makes when they learn how to play Rummy, and it might seem a bit too small, but it is actually one of the most basic and unforgivable mistakes of them all. No two players will have the same thinking in the game of Rummy. You can either focus on just what your cards hold while completely disregarding the opponent’s moves, or make sure you keep a track of exactly what they are doing and play accordingly. The trick is to be very attentive about which card your opponents pick and try to understand all their possible combinations.
  2. Being bad at basic math: We’ve all hated Mathematics growing up, and it’s just that one subject that we want to get over with as soon as possible. So once the exam is done, we wipe the slate clean and move on with life. This is yet another mistake that we need to start working on yet again. So basically when you’re seeing the opponent drawing cards and dropping them, your probability skills come in to play. Also, since you have to make sure that sets and sequences are made in the most efficient manner, an understanding of Math in general is very important.
  3. Not understanding gaming fatigue: When you have been playing for a while, you are bound to have played a lot of different games and tournaments in a single go. This can cause your brain to get tired and eventually instill a form of fatigue, which can land you in trouble. Once that happens, your thinking ability goes down, and you are not able to make those winning moves that you make with a fresh mind. So when you feel that is happening, it’s best to take a break and relax.
  4. When you play like a robot: This happens when you do not process all the information that available to you and just play on the basis of the face value of the cards that you have at your disposal. Playing like a robot will not help you be sure whether the card you are going to pick will be beneficial to you in the latter half of the game. So you must take out time and take into account all the additional information, which might seem hidden but is actually right there. 
  5. Rushing isn’t the best thing– We all think that it’s easy to play a hand quickly and we will win the game in no time! Well, you’re wrong! It’s not the best strategy to go and not understand your opponent’s game before making your move. A lot of times this will land you in trouble as you didn’t see their moves. So take some time, analyze and then play. Don’t rush!

Now that these mistakes are known to you, it’s up to you how to make sure you avoid them when you play rummy.

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