What does the world need from us now?

We are all experiencing the planetary crisis/opportunity of COVID-19. Even as we practice social distancing or self isolation, awareness is growing that we are one incredible family. It feels surreal, a global wake-up call, a critical juncture in humankind’s evolution and an invitation towards adaptation and resilience. And we can’t help but notice that with the human race on ‘pause’, there is a sense of spaciousness as the Earth finally has a chance to rest and heal too.

In The Planetary Being Dorothy Maclean wrote:

I remind you that any action, however small, taken on behalf of the whole makes a tremendous contribution. Never consider yourselves powerless. Never consider that the situation is hopeless. In this time of great change you are the catalysts of change, part of Me in our ongoing, our unfolding, our purity. Together we are a blessing.

The Findhorn Foundation wants to include you in our response to the coronavirus situation. As we reach out in the spirit of sisterhood and brotherhood, the questions we are asking ourselves are: What does the world need from us, the Findhorn Foundation, right now? What can we learn from this pandemic? How can we support each other? How can we demonstrate a new paradigm for living together? What does inspired action look like in this historic moment?

At present the Foundation has suspended all residential programmes and events until 5 June. The United Kingdom is presently in lockdown. Many of our co-workers are on temporary leave, while most others work from home. We are working to increase our online offerings, both temporarily and for the future. The garden teams continue to grow vegetables and care for the landscape. Cullerne Garden is propagating extra plants to support local gardeners. Our sanctuaries are closed but the sanctuaries in our hearts are most certainly wide open, and there are many opportunities to meditate and share through online meetings.

Universal Hall Findhorn

We are offering free online spiritual resources and other online programmes here. Our Facebook community – which includes livestreams from our Park and Cluny sites – can be found here, and our YouTube channel, with over one hundred videos, can be found here. The next Whole Community Meditations will be held on Facebook 22 April and 20 May at 17:15-17:45 BST.

The World Crisis card in the Game of Transformation reminds us that the response to world crisis must be one of group consciousness. Together, we can all try to practise living in the moment, responding and adapting to what’s needed, and practising self-care and community care in our immediate vicinity, in the larger local area and online.

May we all strengthen our inner connection with spirit and our non-physical connections with each other at this significant moment in human history. Someone said to me today, we may need to be physically distancing, but it is not really socially distancing – in fact, we are coming much closer together. Expect a miracle!

With love and light and laughter from everyone here at the Findhorn Foundation and community,

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